The Body
A person's resurrection, in fact, does not refer to the resurrection of the body,

but refers to the resurrection of the spirit, the film's story broadly described

Scientists have discovered the bones of Jesus and scientifically

proved the identity of the bones, ages, a variety of evidence that Jesus

Did not resurrect, resulting in religious beliefs and conflicts,

but also see the high power of the trickery and selfishness.

In fact, in real life, science and truth sometimes can not co-exist, the so-called definition of resurrection is a fine

The continuation of God, if the miraculous way of resurrection to prove the existence of truth,

but not accepted by science is bound to become stupid

So that the definition of resurrection is a spiritual infinite extension, the reason why Jesus still live in our hearts

Because of His resurrection in the vast universe of infinite, look at the history of thousands of years,

how many we can not forget the hero ho Jay, not always have been living in our minds?

Resurrection, it expresses the meaning of a life is a continuation of the spirit of the endless,

do not to the existence of the shell or not

To determine the existence of the resurrection value,

we are not often said: the meaning of life in the creation of the universe following the life? Actually, here

Speaking of life, is the spiritual level rather than the actual physical life,

the spirit of the extension can be far-fetched world, can be stretched Can be endless.