Hart's War


We keep the brain constantly immersed in the film world, but has been in the fight against the ugliness of this society.

 Human despicable. Do not want to stay here.

Once the space .. but helpless stranded in the waiting for the conversion of the arrival of the day .. filled with blood.

Resentment. Can only be locked in the literary prison itself.

I have always felt that only in the movie in order to see the great sentimental sentiments, only in the electricity

In order to see the soul-stirring soul-stirring heroic deeds of those children's love. Romantic feelings. Those pride and dry clouds ... aspect

In the film. Leaching from the best. And when the play is finally scattered. Back to reality .do not see a trace of the full.

True and Love ........ Is the theater really a sanctuary for many people's minds?


The background of the Second World War in 1944. Very true description of all the things

 in the concentration camp.We have been puzzling is why these killings
In the real life, it is full of the contradiction between people, the politician 's struggle for power.

People's ignorance ... suspicion between people ... suspicion ... struggle ... hate ... envy ...

and obsessed with the power of money is shameless, desperate.

In the spoof. Judicial (private law) is ugly to the extreme ... If the justice of justice. There will not be like Ke-sea.

Such a society. So the country.

Why is the current divorce rate so high? Not just because of the rise of feminism ... ...

not only because a large number of women into the workplace.
More importantly, these women clearly see their original married man ugly side ..

many men's mind is more narrow than the woman

Men's jealousy and even converted into hatred may be many small nose small eyes ..

high in the world of human waste can not see others .. good

They do not know how to enrich themselves. Money earn less do not know more hard work.

Small head melon seeds to do some how to account for others

The idea of ​​a small cheap ..... really committing crimes committed dare to do things again.Veterans down.

Perhaps think of the property of the parents.When the mother is alive, get a house to him.

Let him go to cheat a wife to go home.Time is not good or the parents died.Products naturally cleared ...

When the money after. Show off how to have a way everywhere .....

Whenever you have no money, you can reach out and borrow money from people everywhere,

and ask: Who is to waste money with whom to get along ... Of course, it is a quick divorce from the sea of ​​misery.

To take care of a person's life ... ... so ruthless and hard-hearted.

But wore a highly educated .Hypoclassical appearance of high occupation .. Court above .Also put on a just awe-inspiring faces ..

 No wonder his wife could not stand it

Better not to be splendid, and not to live with the dreaded scum of these dilemmas: the woman's family is always more subtle and ask her:

why divorce?

Personality does not match .. Miaozai .. Personality is born. Original love every day hold together.

How did not find personality sub-? .. Think carefully .. Odd also ...

In this film, we see the spirit of loyalty of the soldier.Men.It is so.Think of a song that is often sung every day when reading.

I stood on the tough ridge, firmly and firmly vowed to the sky, to be an upright Chinese person.

The mountains can not hold back the ambitions of the Communists, the sea can not hold back the ambitions of the country,

and the fire can not burn away .. The faith of righteousness.

Struggle to the end.) ........ But the other hand, most people now hear the country a war and flee Taiwan immediately.

As soon as they hear of the war, most of the wealthy people fled to hide their refuge in the rest of the world ...

the people of other countries,

While the people of Taiwan flew out ... The rest is in the era of authoritarian ...

distorted capitalism. Deviated from the Three People's Principles

Poor people appear to be just a victim of the poor's life like ants like Chaotiao Gouguan fool trampled .90% of the

Politicians .. own a green card. Family has a green card. Children have a green card ...

they can explain: Taiwan's education environment is not good.

Quality, human geography bad .But but on the table called with the true .What reform .

Teaching reform .. Communist China missile only exercises.

More than 50% of the foreign exchange deposit (the bank's US dollars) instantly left,

which is also called the wonders of the world, of course, the people do not agree with the country.

The government is to bear the vast majority of responsibility .....

but a boy in a child's family education instilled ideas is his life

Thinking and behavior model is the basis of personality development education is the most important part -

of the school education social education is just a secondary function only.

Especially when a man over 40. Self-education is more important.Personality -

of the establishment of the central idea of ​​strengthening .... is from the continuous self-education

Sculpture out.

In the film, Hart recalled the pattern of narrative in the concentration camp happened ... Hart,

 although a disciple, from childhood did not eat bitterness.

When the soldiers. Is under the protection of their loved ones .... In the war in full swing ... ....

but has been in the logistics administrative units ... but ... in the yin and yang of the occasion.

In three days, he betrayed the country ... In fact, this is a natural thing .... We can see a lot of parents.

All the way to let his son not to serve as a soldier. Do not suffer. There are more party and government economic and trade ... .....

His son sent to the People's Republic of China

The country to go to school to enjoy the mainland Taiwanese businessmen to exempt military service concessions.

Imagine: a boy if not been a soldier if not eaten many

How hard to temper the indomitable perseverance of the personality ... do not return to the fighting spirit of the .....

and these are the basic characteristics of a successful man ah !!

And many of the social scum of relatives and friends in the eyes of the rogue ....

wife of waste in mind the vast majority are in the care of their parents in every possible environment

It is natural to have a strong dependence on such a person. After a setback .......

in the mind's self-escape and seek support.

The damage will be affected by the Friends of the astray ... the light will be through the wine. Color. Gambling.

To numb their own heavy people will commit crimes, hurt it.

The lattice show ... naturally can not run husband and wife feelings. To maintain family harmony .

So when we see Hart only under the threat of German intelligence officers.

It is not surprising that ... even if the last, he came forward to fight the crime of justice,

but by the black spirit of the fearless officers of the

Moved ... .. before selling their own country .. betrayed with the robe ... to atonement only.

To know because of Hart's fear of death, while the fingers gently

Pointing out the location of the fuel depot .This will make the Allied sacrifice how many innocent lives .

He killed many of his robe .. In contrast to the Colonel to save several under.

The sacrifice of their own glory and dignity of the tragic death of the gun under the Nazis ... ...

this spirit is also the West Point spirit again to clarify.

The honor (courage). Courage (courage). Duty (duty). Sacrifice (sacrifice). Represented by the spirit and meaning.

Loyalty and Loyalty. Lutheran spirit is an important condition for becoming a man.

It is also the basic spirit of the soldier. In the film, we are in tears.

It is not for the sake of the individual, not for the lover, not for the family, but for the family.

Not for the sake of self-interest .. but for the country .. completely. Nothing to turn back.

The real throwing the head. Sprinkle blood. Really done to kill the body Chengren.

In the lens of the director. A few words. A few words. For thousands of years China has always wanted to inherit the spirit of the play ... ...

the complete interpretation.

Completely ... ... we are crying because of the great sentimental sentiment.We cry

because the spirit in the real life, will soon disappear .... we cry.

Is because there are so many traitors Zeizi. Eunuch villain. Shameless profiteers.

In the absence of political power. After the lack of political interests.

We cry because someone else can shoot the content of the film ... ...

and we hold back the director will only continue to shoot some of the next three abuse.

I do not know shame to get abroad to participate in film festivals. Let foreign friends refer to Taiwan. Think of homosexuality (rabbits) .....

Now in the international.As long as a reference to Taiwan, we think of homosexuality ... ... ... ...

see a Taiwanese man will be very wretched smile to say hello.

In the bar in New York, the United States will always be a strange vision. Looking at tourists from Taiwan.

Like when we see a Japanese woman.

The first image is ..........? We weep .. Because these Taiwanese art of rabbits.

From that very talented. Distorted the true. Good.

Several rabbits director in order to meet their own metamorphosis desire ....

In order to be a pro handsome guy Ze ​​.. by the film as a bridge .. even to the father and son

Gay-themed movies are taken out. We cry because of loyalty. Lutheran spirit. In this society.


Finally ... our tears ... dried up .. when out of the theater that grabbing .. that ... ....... original ....... this is not my world ... ...