Tears of the Sun


( The key to overcoming evil is to let the good people do what they want! )

[ The key to overcoming evil is to let the good people do what they want! j Very correct sentence ..

also in the credits when the meaning of the play .... made the most perfect interpretation.

Tears Of The Sun.Tears of the Sun.Translated to tears under the sun.It really worthy of the deep mood ..

in the hot sun of the African continent .. has a black skin

The suffering of the genocide, so that the tears are a symbol of this pain .. and in the back of the tears

With a number of humble patience and strong will to survive .. thousands of v.

Do not Thanksgiving tears like pearls from the black face down .Tears Of The Sun

The tears of the sun. (Under the meaning of the brutal.) Under the tears. How many patience. How many humility.

Road endless gratitude. With tears and express everything .This is the last

The scene is really touched .. Is the African continent really as the film said: This is really God abandoned the place?

The film describes the US Task Force, ordered from the civil conflict in Nigeria and rescued in the war zone Dr. doctor ..

And the task is about to complete the captain could not bear to give up

Those who are receiving doctoral treatment of African refugees and injuries ...

determined to bring these refugees and injuries together to a series of stories triggered by purgatory ........

Also played as the small captain of the actor "Bruce Willie" said: how can I look at it all? ....

This is also the spirit of the United States has always been ah!

At a time when US President George W. Bush directed his troops to attack the Iraqi state controlled by Hashan dictatorship.

 In the interest of democracy and freedom, the United States did not hesitate to let its own soldiers

Although the war is a one-sided situation.But up to now March 22, 2003 the US military has sacrificed nearly 20 soldiers in order to free

Democracy .. in order to maintain justice. At all the war. Full of the world's fearless spirit of the police is the value of our admiration ..

Let us think about it carefully:

Americans (Anglo-Saxon) nation .. is a peace-loving kindhearted nation .. Throughout the history of the United States ..

Once upon a time to invade other countries ... In the Second World War

Japan, Russia, Italy, Britain, France, and other powers ... there are also the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China ..

Under the division of the powers, only the Americans are only helping us.

The United States after the great integration of the nation .. Humility to accept the elite from all over the world.

No exclusion. Not jealous of the national character .. Let the best talent has unlimited room for development.

World War II. Global Fierce Gloomy .. invincible militarism of the powers of the invaders.

The people of the world live in the remnants of war. .. Who is the end of the global war ?.

Who used only two atomic bombs will be fought endlessly for decades of the Second World War in the end overnight ?

It 's an American. Is not it ?

Through the past half a century, Americans have become the most influential people in the world,

and they have made great achievements in the global hegemony,

whether they are political, economic, educational, cultural, scientific, military, medical or biological. Electronics, communications,

space science, molecular biology, semiconductors, wafers, and even cinema, music, and culture,

all of which lead the world towards a more progressive civilization.

The more the United States is stronger, the more peaceful the world will be.

This is also the fact that all international observers agree and remain unanimous.

Today, there are many people in the United States Constitution sworn allegiance to the US President ..

after obtaining US citizens .. but reverse the line to engage in anti-war activities.

There is no revolution in the construction of what ... in the United Kingdom ..

in France. To engage in anti-war is not for their own interests in Iraq's oil and economic investment

Would prefer to let the people of Iraq live forever under a dictatorship and a very undemocratic regime ...

and to defend their own commercial interests.

In our Taiwan. Many people have to break the head to try to get a green card.

Squeeze the brain have to go to the United States to study for knowledge.

But .. but found that when the situation on their own disadvantage .. but forgot to become a US citizen's oath ..

and follow the others dance with the wind, there is no international awareness.

Just like our domestic politicians generally .. had joined the KMT after the oath of allegiance to the party,

but also found that the party's ideas and their own substandard .. Ever since. Forgotten their oath.

To join the new party .. After the oath of allegiance to the party, but also found that the idea of ​​the party and their own substandard ..

Thus. Forgotten their oath .. Turn to join the People First Party.

After swearing allegiance to the party, they found that the Party's idea and reality were not compatible with it ..

So he forgot his oath and then cooperated with the Kuomintang .... Up to the politician was not responsible for this.

Down to the people will not believe that politicians lie to the deceit of the world.

So .. we generally small people .. Do not be led by these shameless politicians go nose ..

we intellectuals in their own minds must have their own

The central idea .. Let us think about it .. carefully think about .. had not the Americans ...

the Japanese will surrender and retreat from Taiwan ..If the United States to contain the CCP

Will there be Taiwan today ? There will be a democratic life .. This is a fact. Witness the fact that .. rather than Mei Mei ...

So. Think about it carefully. If the world

No Americans .. what will this world be? While you are still holding high anti-war cards, please think for the people of Iraq.

But also to the global human think about it! [Tears Of The Sun.] This film will give you a whole new inspiration!


1. In the past 40 years, Taiwan's military equipment, almost all with 1 dollar to the United States

    or buy or gift! When the men had soldiers know the facts!

2. About 5 million people in the country of Iraq live on beggary days,

    and the number of beggars is about four-quarters of the total population.

    The great disparity between the rich and the poor .Hashan family's extravagant .It is the world to see.