The Passion of the Christ


But after the resurrection of Jesus, mankind has rekindled hope.

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The love of Jesus is the love of God, a kind of selfless love, a kind of transcendental love,

a kind of love which can never be compared with human beings.

When Jesus was condemned, we saw the cowardice and fear of human nature, and when Jesus was flogged,

we saw the ugliness and selfishness of human nature

When Jesus was crucified, we saw something ... not the face of Jesus' blood, not the cry of pain and mournfulness of Jesus.

What we see is the expression of human nature, cowardice, cowardice and cruelty.

The greatness of Jehovah God is in the cultivation of mankind, the balance and checks and balances of love and hate in the world ..

There are days to have .. there are black and white.

There is Satan, there is Jesus, there is human nature of selfishness, greed, cowardice, cowardice,

there is Jesus' selflessness, tolerance, bravery, greatness.

There is the humiliation of human nature, the arrogance, the cruelty, the despicability, the compassion of Jesus, the love and the truth.

When the Lord God so loves us, let His Son, Jesus, come to teach us to guide us.

With the supreme love without regret to fill us with the killing of the benevolent benevolent sense of self-interest to us.

After more than 2000 years, we humans understand it?

The sacrifice of Jesus, leaving behind the great spirit of eternity through the ages,

is the hope of all the Christians of Jesus Christ .. Learn to humble.

More important is to learn to love .. know how to love .. Jesus shows the spirit and love.

Is a natural. Is born with. Is detached family love.

Is to tell mankind .. to love to resolve all doubts to love to eliminate all hatred ...

Jesus was called the Virgin Mary for the woman. Said his brother as the son of man.

It is because the love of Jesus is to give to all mankind.It is a kind of selfless love ..

Just as Jesus said: only love the person you love, why is it love?

The Spirit of Jesus is the totem of the global human moral thought.

Although we mortal, even if the exhaustion of life can not be like Jesus' love.

But we human beings must be Jesus' love. Jesus of all .. in the heart .. that is enough.

In fact, Jehovah God knows that human beings are actually hell .. Look at Jesus .. From the whipping to the crucifixion.

Is not the picture of purgatory? And Jesus in the delivery of the soul to God, that is, before Jesus died in .. said:

Oh God! Because they do not know, forgive them! I ask .. they do not know .. refers to what?

Personally think .. they do not know .. refers to that they do not know the country

(The world. This space) is actually hell .. They (referring to those brutal Roman soldiers) do not know Jesus is God.

But not knowing that Jesus was the son of the LORD God.

And Jehovah God is a man who can instantly dominate the suffering of any human disease.

They do not know .. They really do not know .. The Lord God is the creation of human gods ..

Can also be the god of the destruction of mankind.

They are under the feet of the Lord God .. The cruelty of the son of the Lord God of abuse .. the consequences will be.

Think about it .. 2000 .. .. natural disaster .. man - made disaster .. war .. disease .. earth ..

no moment is calm ... no one is peaceful.

The bad guys live for a long time, and why?

Because it is a good person would have earlier let him to another country ..

is the bad guy's going to stay in this human purgatory .. suffering.

And to torture those who have not yet to another country of good people ...

Good people affect the bad guys .. bad people contain good people.

Everything in the world seems to have been fixed.

As Jesus was not yet born before the task has been given to save the moral thinking of the general ...

Tears dried up .. everyone out of the cinema .. immediately face the real world.

Thought for a while .. or hope to get some bad guys get real redemption.

It is worthy of the Lord God's painstaking ah!




A Christian's Understanding of the Cross