The film's story makes people feel very helpless and regret.Although the martial arts action

is also barely can.But the story of the laying of a turning point.

In the same era, politicians and the Warrior's thinking and survival values, there will be such a big gap.

Especially the ninja trained in such a profound martial arts.It is difficult to have a little philosophy of life

and the main sense of the ignorant fate and loyalty

Really created in that era background out of it ?

Perhaps the director of the screenwriter would like to take the ancient satirical.

Tokugawa Ieyasu, who personally killed his wife and children in front of the enemy,

is an idol in the eyes of many politicians.

Tokugawa Ieyasu's life and words and deeds. Gengrang many politicians life as a standard.

Lifetime as the goal of learning.

Some people say that politics is the most sophisticated trick,

I said, politics is the most shameless lie when I look at the film at the same time,

What is the difference between this generation and that generation ?

The politicians continue to regard the people as the meat of Zu.

A developed country.If even the people's livelihood necessities = the price of gasoline

can not control the ignorant for their own political power.

For the sake of their own private interests. To bow to the chaebol.

Will be composed of the people of the so-called national major resources. Continued privatization.

And the ability of private enterprises.Continuous control of all the country's major resources .

So. Let the poor poorer.

When money and power are combined, people 's lives will not have any dignity.

When all the resources are controlled by a few people at the same time the suffering of the people has really started.