Death Note

The story is generally said that a law students .

On the heart has been dissatisfied with the law can not be bad people to justice

Occasionally in the alley. Check to a notebook .. Notebook with the instructions ..

Just any person's name written in the notebook.
40 seconds later that person will suddenly sudden cardiac death.

So as long as the police can not catch or escape or bail the name of the murderer rapist appeared on television or newspapers.

Chloe put the names of these people wrote in the notebook. Sure enough, after 40 seconds, no matter where those people ..

really sudden sudden cardiac death.

Sometimes the odd music at home watching TV to see live broadcast news of bandits kidnapped or shot or raped

to kill and live with the police confront the scene live.

Wait until the anchor to tell the name of the culprit when the strange music put the name of the bandits written in the notebook ..........
40 seconds after the anchor on television, said: now the news. Just confrontation with the police of the culprits

have been sudden heart sudden death.

After ... As long as the TV anchor broadcast a similar field connection news. After saying the name of the bandits

Will say: the culprit may be a moment to die .. because .. strange music has been watching TV and continue to write that a notebook.

After dozens of such inconceivable events took place in succession.

Every time a TV anchor broadcasts a crime story, and the criminal's name is spoken, he secretly looks down at the watch ..

and waits for a few seconds.

after that...

The national audience at home or in public places to see a similar TV news site connection ..

also look forward to looking forward to 40 seconds after the anchor will say:

Just now the culprit has been on the spot sudden cardiac death.

So ... we will also start with a countdown of 40 seconds.

 Like the New Year party in general .10 ... 9 ... 8 ... 7 ... 6 ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

After the countdown every time .. One that the perpetrators of sudden death ..

everyone will cheer. Fireworks. Firecrackers .. really happy ...

Everyone because often in the street countdown for 40 seconds .. was then initiated .. formed a down flat ...

Oh .. wrong ... is the countdown to 40 seconds black army.

After the television station, please the audience on television, held in the field countdown to 40 seconds to see who the countdown.

After .. The major watch factory have launched a countdown to 40 seconds dedicated watches and men

and women on the table ... 40 .. has become a symbol of lucky numbers.
The world .. no one knows why these criminals in the name of exposure. Sudden sudden cardiac death for no reason.

And the odd music every day is its fun .. boredom will be a lot of scum scum name.After another in the notebook.

Qile also because every day to write the name of the relationship .. three years later .. to participate in the national calligraphy contest.

The police chief. Is also the father of odd music .. traced for 5 years .. also can not find who killed these criminals.

Results .. were ordered to retire .. now .. also joined the countdown 40 seconds black shirt army ...

It 's a drop in the distance ... with the crowd in the street .. down flat ... oh .. wrong .. is the countdown ... 40 seconds.

Summary: things can not be solved within the system .. have to rely on outside the system can not be resolved.