Green Zone

Human life, although only a few dozens of cold and heat, but there are countless choices.

Every day you can see a lot of unfair things.

The government bullyed the people and the price of oil fell more than that.

However, the majority of the people, the hearts of indignant, but how?

95% of the people.Choose Mingzhebaoshen. Low-key life. Otherwise, how can.

Only from the political program of the mouth of the endorsement to identify and feel their dissatisfaction.

In real life, for those who dare to speak around the pursuit of the truth.

We always classify it as dissatisfied with the status quo.

In this film, the interpretation of such a very thorough.

In fact, the choice of the pursuit of truth is human behavior on a supreme sentiment.

The pursuit of true, good and beautiful is a kind of life values.

It 's a rare thing to think of yourself.

The process of life, how to choose and choose.

Afraid of old age in the late twilight of the year.Looking back to the hope of nothing can be empty.

Nowadays, almost all the people are in the sick bed, so it is the fate of mankind.

But at least some of the life of the expectations of it!

When the end of life in the heart can feel a death without regret is a perfect life journey.