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January, 2001 .. ET News .. A 52-year-old man in the park with candy and money for bait ..

obscene young girls .. causing girls lower body injuries.

Good or not happy .... afterwards and leave the phone number. Hope to long-term happiness .. for the girl's parents that ..

and alarm processing .. arrest the person ... but the person in front of the media

A girl who is lying to him, and who is legally incapacitated or who is under the legal age of the victim, or who is not of legal age.

Perhaps the testimony and stance are very weak .. The defendant,

under the defense of a lawyer or a family member of a family of six relatives, is likely to be bailed out .. or in our judicial system.

By the crime of damaging self-inflicted minor minor sins to the detriment of freedom or lure, etc. ... or with girls' parents to settle in money.

Some offenses have been turned into indictment .. non-telling is on .. but the law is to see people see wisdom ...

if the prosecution is to quote another law .. still can be reconciled .. is the so-called

There are countermeasures under the policy ....

Society is very cold .. Although many people are full of sense of justice ..

but when you see unreasonable things in the side of the road.What can you do? Do you have martial arts ?. You

Can be like martial arts films in the same heroes jumped out of the three fist two feet to those rogue fight kneeling for mercy.

Baotoushucuan? Even if you have martial arts .. but now is what the times .. you

Really jumped out to win .. you will immediately face the law .. ranging from injury to crime ..

then it becomes heavy injury or attempted to kill .. you ............... play If this is the case

You do not have a family? .. no love wife? .... no children? .... In case you have a long two short .. how do they do Many rapes

They are no way to restrain their own sense of desire ... must be hurt to others in order to meet their own ..

This is a metamorphosis of the heart.

In the disease .. and it is difficult to treat .. in many countries in the West ..

Such as the United States .. For these criminals are subject to psychological counseling ..

And the role of personality ... ... but the success rate is very low.

Let alone in Taiwan .. In our lives around. Society behind. Full of many werewolves ..

Cut throat wolf .. Lift of the wolf .. Taxi Lang .. Shihlin Wolf .. Beitou of the wolf.

and generation out of generation ........ With free society open. Many of the temptations of sexual consciousness,

but also provoked the metamorphosis of the desire and fantasy space. If you are

Your diy .. dripping to death. That are your home thing .. or you go to prostitution to the essence of death ....

that is your home thing. Freedom is not detrimental to the freedom of others as the main axis to extend Out

But you put your momentary happiness in the lives of others suffering ... you ... how to do ?

People are people ... adults .. children .. Parents and children are people .. when to.

(Person) is defined as the basis of thinking .. Do you have the right to sexual abuse against the child to call the shots

and reconciliation with those animals it ?. Just for that money ?.

These children 's inner pain and shame will always be accompanied by their growth ... as their parents .. you ..

What for them to decide their life? .. Life has a lot

The pain ... we all have to bear the .. but .. how can you ?

Please think about it .. If your children today encounter these things. What will you? In real life.

A judge who has a sense of justice, can dominate and master power in court,

but when he sees it on the road and is unreasonable, what can he do?

There is a story like this ... there is a consortium ... set up a private foundation ....

assigned by the consortium to control all funds .. and some news media or police

Personnel are in contact with the Foundation's public relations staff.

Whenever there is a similar incident in the community ... immediately by the Foundation to assign someone to know the background of the perpetrator

Information ... and in the law outside. To not innocence not impartial impartial objective and rational attitude ... to assign a person

to be a strong punishment, and completely remove the evil nature of. In case of being assigned

Hand in the implementation of services on the unexpected situation and missed and legal acts ..

even affect the Foundation .. can be sent to a third country or to be evaporated to eliminate ...?

We see a reporter in the newspaper to work in a newspaper at any time into the phone booth and then change out to save the planet

also saw a day to play a high society

The Duke of Wen Wenru Ya ... evening is wearing a cloak .. equipped with high-tech equipment for people to harm ... ...

or a man wearing leather jeans, driving a meeting at the world

The thunderbolt car ....... and so on .... These films have been the most popular ... Why ?.

Because it reflects the expectations of people's hearts ... Although the advertised heroism machismo

Of the brave and heroic .. but it is the backlog of many people deep inside the dissatisfaction with the social status of the best catharsis.In reality,

life is difficult to play the difference between the two too much of the two

Personality .. personality is generally said that the dual personality. Just thought behavior short-term deviation .... really can be so.

 Fear has transformed into abnormal personality disorder of mental illness. As many actors

In too into the play after. Often have latent mental illness .. and behavioral bias ... ... ... ...

In 1972, many years before the US astronauts landed on the Moon,

there have been many articles on novels or films on the Moon, and even thousands of years ago the Chinese

The goddess of the moon ... ... not because of Armstrong's foot and realized ... ...

many female astronauts have been back and forth several times the moon ... the dream in our hearts for the existence of

What can not be achieved at an early date .......... And to waste a decade. Hundred years. Millennial life to complete it ?

The above is what we want to do in 2001 .......... What do you think?

You can test us.We will be very sincere to accept your life test ....

You can also go to http://www.nfd.com.tw/justice.htm understand our past

Some fragmented approach .. Thank you. And you think about it carefully.

Today, if your children encounter these things .. What would you do ? You are welcome to contact us